Food is such a crucial part of our life and being able to have a healthy and loving relationship with it is crucial – especially in a society where a new diet pops up on a weekly basis. Most people turn to diets because they do not trust themselves to make choices about food that are informed and serve them well.

This is our downfall and how the diet industry stays in business.

Rather than trusting your own intuition, you turn to someone who has never met you, has never spoken to you and knows nothing of your personal journey to give you rules you need to live by. You turn to a person who has no knowledge of what your body likes, how it feels throughout the cycles of the days and months and does not know any of its own history to tell you how to nourish your body.

My belief is that you are everything you need. You have all the wisdom possible to make changes with food that serve your body well. You are the one who needs to make the “rules” for your life.

My hope is that these tips will give you the first steps you need to be able to lead with your inner compass and rebuild the trust you have with yourself to make your own choices.

1: Eat How You Want to Feel

In last week’s blog post (catch up with it here), we spoke about choosing how you want your body to feel over looks. Once you have chosen how you want to feel, you can start choosing foods that make you feel the way you want. Start tuning into each meal that you eat and see how you feel whilst you are eating and for the few hours after that.

Connecting food to feelings is something we all do but today I invite you to really raise your awareness on how the food you put into your body makes you feel. All too often we reach for food when we are celebrating or mourning (and any other feeling in between!) but does that food really make you feel how you want to feel? By recording what you eat and how you feel during and after eating, you can start to recognise what foods you need in your life. If peppers make you feel energised, then you have the awareness to add them into your meal when you are feeling drained or lethargic.

Want to feel vibrant and colourful? Add in lots of vibrant and colourful foods. Want to feel like a green queen? Add in all the green foods you can find. You are in control of your own body. You have all the power. When you eat for how you want to feel, you are free.

This is such an amazing tool because it encourages you to connect with your body and continuously tune into yourself and listen to what your body is really saying. I have always been a bit of a McDonalds addict and to this day I will still have a craving for their food (even though I know what is really in it!) but now I make a choice not to give into the craving and actually stop the craving in its tracks by remembering how it makes me feel – sluggish, bloated and so thirsty from all the salt in there! If I still lived and planned my food by listening to the diet rules rather than connecting with my own body, the likelihood is that I would give into that craving weekly because I would not notice just how crappy it makes me feel.

2: Stop Punishing and Start Loving

Eat like you love your body.

One thing I always hear people talking about when they are trying to lose weight is something along the lines of…

“I have no willpower when it comes to cheese/chocolate/sweets/crisps/insert your vice here…..”

They spend most of the day thinking about their vice and trying to ignore the need to eat it, then binge on it and then hate themselves for it and spend the next 3 days either working out loads and restricting food or throwing everything out the window and embarking upon a binge session.

My number one tip for this is………LOVE. Whenever you eat something that you feel is “bad” or not aligned with your vision, quite simply LOVE IT. Think to yourself “aren’t I lucky to be able to eat/afford/have available to me……” or “I love that I live a life that means I am able to eat…..”

This is THE way to take the punishing cycles out of your life for good.

The thing to remember is that we all want to eat in a way that aligns with how we want our body to feel but let’s be honest right here, right now….birthday cake happens…..lunch dates with friends happen…….family celebrations happen… and chill nights happen……

Aren’t these events and occasions what make life fabulous?! Isn’t birthday cake one of the most exciting foods ever… fact isn’t it the one food that has always lit you up since you were a child…doesn’t birthday cake conjure extraordinary memories for you…? Why on earth would we choose to punish ourselves for immersing in such a joyous and wonderful occasion? The next time you choose to eat the birthday cake or whatever else it might be, choose to love it and see how this changes your mindset.

Focus on what food nourishes your body. If you eat something that isn’t that nourishing (hello crisps, take away, chocolate) then accept your choice and forgive that choice… and then move on. Do not spend the next 3 days starving yourself or doing ridiculous work outs to burn off that one meal.

3: Focus on Abundance

All too often, when we start new diets or eating plans, they restrict what we are “allowed” to eat, instilling a feeling of scarcity, which leaves you wanting more, right? Rather than trusting your own intuition and your bodys own compass signalling for what it needs, we turn to diet rules to live by and find ourselves living to someone else’s standards.

Now I invite you to change your mind set to

“I can eat anything I want to eat – I choose how you nourish my body”.

Coming from a place of abundance, means realising that you are in control of what you put in your body; from a place of limitless food. Everything is available to you and your body will tell you what it needs.

Fancy a salad…eat it! Fancy a burger….eat it! Fancy a green juice…drink it!

When we come from a place of abundance, we realise that all the foods we want are there for us, ready and waiting.



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