Welcome! As it is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week I wanted to let you know about all the things that I have planned over the next week and how you can get involved.

This year I am going to be sharing heart led and vulnerable conversations about my own struggles with food and my body. It has taken so much strength and courage to put pen to paper and really open up the truth of my journey and I hope that it will encourage, inspire and allow you to open up more vulnerable conversations too.

To kick off the week, I just wanted to remind you about some blogs posts from previous NEDAW years which have had amazing feedback and inspired a lot of people.

Eating Disorders Debunked – shares all the key facts about eating disorders and how to support someone who may have an ED

Three Ways to have an Amazing Relationship with Your Body – gives three easy to implement techniques for starting to shift your perspective on your body and rebuild the connection

Three Ways to have an Amazing Relationship with Food – three achievable steps to transform the relationship between you and your plate

Ten Ways to Prevent Your Child from Developing an Unhealthy Relationship with Food and their Body – this is probably my most visited and most shared piece. Get my top ten pieces of advice for how to support your child and prevent Eating Disorders occurring.

For now I am going to leave you with an invite. I invite you to go to your own heart and really be truthful about your own struggles with the way your body looks or feels and the foods you choose to eat. My mission in the world is to get all women tuned back into the power of their own body and reconnect with their intuition in order to eat from a place of ease and actually fall in love with their body whatever the shape or size. If this sounds like a journey you would love to go on then I have a FREE 5 day programme for you which you can sign up for here.



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