Natural remedies, non-toxic products and knowing the ingredients of any brand, supplement or food. These have quickly become essential must haves in the wellness world.

Especially when it comes to weight loss.

If you looked around your home, workplace or local gym how many chemical filled products would you find? The answer; endless. These products are filled with chemicals and ingredients that you really wouldn’t be putting in your body if you had the choice or knowledge.

And I’m here to share that you do have the choice! What we seem to be lacking right now is the knowledge and hopefully that is where I can help bridge the gap.

You can find them in the air freshener you inhale when you spray your office. They’re present in the kitchen fluid that seeps into your skin when you clean your surfaces.  And that energy boosting drink you have for your workout is full of things you might not realise. In so many products you use on a daily basis, you will find ingredients that really do not support weight loss and wellness within your body.

Luckily we now live in an age where holistic, natural and clean are no longer obscure theories but achievable and sustainable realities. We have so many opportunities to embrace a more natural system for other areas of our lives. When we look beyond food consumption there is so much more out there to support the whole wellness of soul, body and mind

My Journey With Essential Oils

I have become such a huge fan of essential oils. Being able to see and explore what they can do for our body, weight loss, movement, feelings and overall health. Since I have incorporated essential oils into my life, I have noticed a dramatic transformation in my energy levels and feelings within my body.

It is so great to share that I have come a long way in my wellness and weight loss journey. I am now at a place where weight loss feels easy, self love is the first place I come from and intuitively I can tune into my body and attend to its needs whenever I choose.

However, I also noticed that my body was not feelings as great as it had done. My energy levels were draining quicker then they should be. The body that thrived had started to feel sick a lot throughout the day and week. I was experiencing such a huge brain fog that I was struggling to work, find focus or motivation.

It was really hard for me to work out what was going wrong within my own body. The food I was eating was nutritious and my body responded really well to it. The drinks I were having felt hydrating and replenishing (mostly anyway – I still totally believe in balance so the occasional G&T was still very enjoyable). Exercise was very much in my life and I had established a great weekly routine which included walking, kickboxing and stretching. I had a vitamin and supplement routine that I was still playing around with to find the right fit for me but that didn’t feel like it should’ve had the impact I was experiencing.

My Turning Point

Finally, I went to my doctor and explained my symptoms and how I was feeling. I also requested a blood test so we could check to make sure nothing was showing up. A few days later my results came back; normal.

I felt completely lost with what to do next and what to explore to find the cause of my ill feelings.

Then I started seeing a fellow coach and friend talking about essential oils. She had been using them within her home and to support her focus and clarity in business and I got intrigued. I began researching into them further and looking at how they are sourced. It became clear quite early into my research that chemical free, natural products were the way forward. I started to explore the possibility that my body experiences were more to do with the toxins and chemicals I was inhaling and absorbing on a daily basis.

This is an area of my life where it turns out I had been completely blind. Never had it occurred to me to explore the effects the products I was using in my home, on my clothes or on my skin were having on my body.

It became really clear to me that I had neglected a huge part of my wellness journey. In all the work I have done to heal my relationship with food and become conscious with my body and its needs, I had somehow completely overlooked the fact that my body consumes so much more than the food I give it.

What I Did Next

Next, I reached out to my friend and opened up the conversation about Essential Oils and what experiences she has had since using them. It flawed me to hear her response and some of the testimonials she shared were incredible.

I signed up and ordered a kit of oils and a diffuser and patiently awaited its arrival. As soon as it got here I was so quick to look through the guide and start experimenting with the oils.

As I became more and more confident with the oils and started to see shifts in my clarity, focus, motivation, digestive health (YEP this was a biggie!). I then started to look at the products that include essential oils like the vitamins, supplements, cleaners etc.

Soon after, I started a 30 day trial of a vitamin and mineral blend that was made up of essential oil extracts. Within a week my energy levels had soared and I was waking up feeling refreshed and excited for the day. Now I like to make sure things aren’t just coincidences so I stopped using the supplements for a couple of weeks and sure enough my energy dropped, I was sleeping for way longer hours then usual and felt groggy. So I started taking the vitamin and mineral supplements again and sure enough my energy returned, my sleeping pattern went back to its new normal and I felt so much more refreshed.

The Transformation

What I have noticed within my own body has been truly life changing. Since using these amazing products of nature, my energy levels have increased, my sleep is not broken, my cravings for sweet foods have pretty much gone and my body feels so healthy, well and strong that it just amazes me the difference that non toxic, natural products can have on your life.

Essential oils in all forms are now an active and non-negotiable part of my life because I have seen, felt and experienced the magical way they make my body feel.

If you want to know more about them, have questions or want to see the benefits they can have on your health either contact me here or visit The Essential Experience page for my gift to you.



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