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What is the Body Booster?

The Body Booster is the ONLY answer to all of your body and diet worries. It is the ultimate bible for every woman and will take you on a journey of rediscovery and growth all while ensuring you get the body you’ve been dreaming about.

If you are ready to ditch the rule books and quit the diet clubs so that you can reclaim the fun, excitement and passion of eating, exercising and loving your body, then head right this way.

Gimme the deets

Are you so over trying to figure out exactly which diet is actually gonna get you results?

Are you fed up of looking in the mirror only to criticise what you see?

Are you dreading your next weigh in because you know you have been off plan and indulging in all the food?

Yes, yes, and yes? I thought so. That’s what inspired me to create the Body Booster.



+ Understand what your body really craves

+ Actually reach your body and weight goals

+ Finally relax around food and not count calories

Stay “on the wagon” every day (never fall off again)!

+ Uncover the lies the diet industry feeds you

Transform your whole mindset around food

+ Have a food and body plan that actually works

+ And of course, finally be able to feel sexy in your body!

Hi! I’m Nicki


Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of £££ on various products that claimed they would help me lose weight, get rid of stretch marks, tone my abs and do all the things to get me that body I’d sit and day dream about. But none of it worked and I felt so hopeless and like there wasn’t really a way for me to lose weight or feel good about myself.

But I found a way.

I found a way to lose weight with ease and without struggle. I found a way to eat without feeling restricted or limited and still be able to reach my goals. I found a way to feel sexy and vibrant and in love with my body.

It is my mission to share all that I know with as many women as possible so that you do not have to go through the struggle I did (and don’t have to spend the amount of ££££ I did either) so that you can lead your life with ease and balance and never diet again.


x, Nicki

once you join, you’ll embark on the 4-step success path



Get clear on where you are now and what you actually want for yourself and your body. We will then be able to create easy and sustainable steps to help you achieve your dreams. I guarantee success when you put into practice the guidance systems I provide.




We will explore and uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your current reality and stopping you from seeing the success you really want for your body. Your mindset is your most precious tool for achieving success and I am going to show you step by step actions for how to ensure it is working for you.



How you choose to nourish your body is a really key aspect of being able to ensure you get the results that you want. Within this programme we will explore the holistic nourishment that you need and what this looks like for you. You also receive my Binge Eating Bonus which I do not share anywhere else!



You are going to uncover my methodology for living a life with ease and balance around food and your body meaning that you can actually live free from; diets, scales, judgement, anxiety, hanger and rules. Breathe, relax and free yourself from the diet shackles.


Caroline, UK

It feels just like magic, I can’t quite explain it

I’m not sure I can put into words just how grateful I am for Nicki’s support. When I first looked into the Body Booster, it all felt a bit like I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work. Losing weight without a diet was a really obscure concept to me but the changes in my body since doing this programme are incredible. I feel stronger, relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. I never thought this was possible for me.

Imogen, USA

Nicki’s wisdom is gold dust

Seriously, it gives me chills to think about how much has changed in such a short space of time. I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to change my patterns around food and now I can finally appreciate my body for what it really does.

the 4 core pillars we focus on


VISION is an aspect commonly overlooked when you set out on a weight change journey. Yes you might consider what weight you would like to reach or what size jeans you would like to fit into however, this level of vision does not allow you to really understand why you want to hit those goals or how you are going to get there.

In order to achieve the success you actually crave and desire, you have to go deeper into your vision and really explore what it means for you and your life.

Within the Vision Pillar, you will find clarity on;

♥ Past Experiences that Influence the Present and What to do About Them

♥ What You Really Want and What is Really Stopping You From Achieving It

♥ Who You Are and How Food is Attached to Your Identity

♥ How to Make Aligned Actions and Decisions that Ensure Your Success


BELIEFS are thoughts that you just keep thinking, so in order to change your reality you need to change your beliefs. However, you’ve probably already tried that and its still not worked for you and that is where the Beliefs Pillar comes into play.

We are going to deep dive into your Belief system and uncover what habits, thoughts and patterns are ingrained into your psyche so that you can really start to understand how your beliefs are serving you and what you actually need to do to see the changes you want.

Within the Beliefs Pillar, you will find clarity on;

♥ Where Your Beliefs have Actually Come From and How to Unlearn Them

♥ Which Beliefs Support Your Success and Which Are Hindering You

♥ How Your Brain Works with Your Beliefs and How to Make it Work for You

♥ Simple Daily Habits to Re-frame Your Belief System


How you choose to NOURISH your body is such a key aspect of overall health and wellness. Many people will see nourishment as the food they eat however, I want to take you even further into what nourishment is and how you can ensure you are meeting all of your nourishment needs.

Within this Pillar there is a lot of juicy content which is really going to allow you to get connected with your body and instantly know what it needs in every moment. We will be covering topics such as exercise, intuitive eating, stopping binge eating, self care, mindset, supplements and so much more. This section gives you structured and tangible action steps which will enable you to transform on a whole-body level.

Within the Nourishment Pillar, you will find clarity on;

♥ What Foods Make Your Body Feel Fabulous and What Foods Drain Your Energy

♥ How to Beat Binge Eating and Stop Restrictive Patterns

♥ How to Nourish Your Whole Body From the Inside Out

♥ Easy to Implement Daily Practices and Strategies that Support Your Full Body Wellness


The FREEDOM Pillar is the game changer for every person who completes the Body Booster. This Pillar ensures that everything you work on throughout the programme aligns with feeling free so that you can live at ease and in balance with food and your body.

You have been chained to the shackles of the diet industry for far too long now and it is time to release those chains and live your life without fear of weigh ins, syns, calories counting and punishing workouts.

Within the Freedom Pillar, you will find clarity on;

♥ The Diet Cycle including my Signature 4-part Methodology for how this Works and how to Free Yourself from it

♥ How to Find Freedom in Every Moment even when You Feel Trapped

♥ How to stay in a Body-Mind Connection to Ensure Continued Success

♥ How to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating for Life 

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you join the fun!

Video Lessons

6 Coaching Calls


Daily tools & Strategies

Tracking Tools to Transform

Personalised Actions

Email Support

1:1 Support

Secret Resources

Total Value: $6,899


while the total value exceeds £6,899 you can join for only £600.00!

You’ll love this if

You hate following rules and want to make your own path

You’ve been wanting to transform and now is your time

You’re the type of person who wants success

You’re ready to love your body once and for all!

You really value fresh perspectives and new ideas

You’ve been fed up for a while and want a change

You’re ready to leave the diet clubs and rules behind

You’re ready to realise your worth!

Nicki Eyre, UK

Nicki is the type of coach every woman needs in her life

Nicki uses unique methods which she has tried and tested through her own personal experiences. Nickis approach not only gives you the opportunity to find out what is really causing your inner conflicts but ensures that you have the strategies to make choices every day.

Karen Heyhoe, UK

Nickis enthusiasm and zest for her lifes mission will leave you feeling empowered and ready for more

I can’t praise Nicki enough for the work she continues to do in the realm of eating, food, body and the relationships within this. Nicki really is transforming lives and allowing women to finally lead with their intuition and trust in their own instincts.


"If it isn't a diet, how am I going to get my dream body?"

There is a different way of achieving success in your health and wellness. I know it can seem a bit out there to say you don’t need to diet to lose weight or get your dream body but it is true. This isn’t woo-woo, this is real life actions that get you results without food rules. What you have been doing up to this point hasn’t been working so why not try something new?

"Is there an exercise routine or plan to follow?"

No. We will be covering exercise, its benefits and how to exercise in a way that supports your body’s wellness. Every persons idea of exercise is different so I will be giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your body and choose the method of exercise that suits you best.

"Where do the coaching calls and the course take place?"

This course is 100% online so it can be taken from anywhere in the world. You will receive emails, videos and workbooks from me to complete at your leisure and our coaching calls will be done via video link (skype or zoom) so location is not a problem.

"Does the Body Booster have an eating plan?"

No, I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating because this is personal to each individual persons body. What you will find is structured guidance on how to find out what food you should be eating for your body in order to feel good {sexy, amazing, confident, vibrant and all the things}

"Will I lose weight?"

The Body Booster is all about getting your body back to its natural rhythm and natural state of wellness – this includes your weight. If your body needs to lose weight it probably will and if your body needs to gain weight it probably will. Within the programme we will be removing the focus from the number on the scales as this does not accurately reflect you and your state of health.

"Will I gain weight?"

The Body Booster is all about getting your body back to its natural rhythm and natural state of wellness – this includes your weight. If your body needs to lose weight it probably will and if your body needs to gain weight it probably will. Within the programme we will be removing the focus from the number on the scales as this does not accurately reflect you and your state of health.

"What are the coaching calls?"

The coaching calls are your one to one time with me where we will dive deeper into the work around your body. It is a chance to explore the reasons why you might be “failing” or sabotaging yourself when it comes to your body an what you can do about it in order to move forward and free yourself from the habits that are keeping you stuck.

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