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What is the Essential Experience?

The Essential Experience is a support system designed to empower you in your wellness journey. Incorporating the healing powers of Essential Oils with the transfomational affects of coaching you can create real and life long wellness.

This Experience is here to really empower you in taking the reins of your own journey and creating the life and body wellness transformation that you know you deserve and deep down crave like crazy.

Get ready to say hello to a sexy, feisty, confident, vibrant, strong woman who knows what she wants in life and knows with all her heart that she is worthy of her desires.

Gimme the deets

Are you so over using products that claim to make you healthy but are filled with toxins?

Are you fed up of being limited to the same wellness products which you know don’t really work?

Are you ready to add in natural solutions that are toxin free and work for your wellness?

Yes, yes, and yes? I thought so. That’s why I’m so excited about the Essential Experience.

The Essential Experience WILL HELP YOU


Find natural solutions to all of your health needs

Support your immune system so it functions properly

+ Ensure your digestive system is getting all the goods

+ Know that you are getting your daily vitamins & minerals

+ Know you are buying the highest quality products

Get the best discounts and freebies going

Reduce toxins in your home which impact your health

Cleanse, detox and restore your body naturally and without fads!

Hi! I’m Nicki

THE essential experience

Over the last few years I have really stepped into exploring the toxins in our environment and within our own homes and understanding how these affect health and wellness. I’m a big believer that food is only one chapter in the story of our health and that things we are exposed to also determine whether or not our body’s can stay fit and healthy.

As part of this journey and exploration, essential oils have become a really big part of my life. I have found their benefits to be transformative when it comes to my overall wellness and the support they offer my body is the best I’ve experienced.

I want to share this knowledge and these products with the world so that everyone can feel the benefits of reducing toxins and embracing natural solutions. If you want to read more about my personal journey with essential oils then head here.


x, Nicki

once you join, you’ll embark on the 4-step success path


Wellness Consult

When you sign up, we will have a 30 minute wellness consult to review where you are currently at and what your main health and wellness goals are. From this we will establish a 3 month plan to ensure that you have a clear and structured plan that aligns with your goals.


Simple Swaps

As you are just starting out, we will explore what products you are currently using and what simple swaps you can make to ensure that you are actually using the highest quality, none toxic products. Whether you want to cook with herb oils or make lemonade with our citrus blends, there are plenty of ways to include oils in your lifestyle.


Community & Support

We are really proud of the community we have created within our Essential Oils team and have a community of hundreds of people who are using oils every day to support their wellbeing. As part of this Experience, you receive access to this community as well as coaching calls with myself and monthly newsletters sharing products, their benefits and how to use them.


Cleanse & Restore

Natural Solutions are a fantastic way to cleanse and restore your body, especially your gut. As we live in a world filled with processed foods and additives added into most things without us even realising, your gut can take a bit of a battering; this is where the Cleanse & Restore Pillar comes in.


Jess, USA

I feel Like a new woman

Since taking the Life Long Vitality pack I can actually go to bed and sleep at a reasonable hour. I have also found that I feel so much stronger and now wake up early to head for a workout that I actually feel energised enough to do.

Nikki, USA

wild orange changed my life

I’m not joking. Wild Orange has been the best thing I’ve added into my routine. It makes me feel so alive and zesty and ready for the day. Whether I rub it on my shoulders, breathe it in or diffuse it in my home, I know it makes me feel happy and energised.

the 4 core pillars we focus on


The Wellness Consult is the starting point of your journey because it allows you to focus in on where you are currently at and where you desire to be. Together we will explore all aspects of your physical and emotional health as well as your home products and personal care products.

The skin is your largest organ – what you put on it counts.
Your lungs bring oxygen into your body – what you are breathing matters.

There are a lot of areas that we don’t even consider having an impact on our health yet health and well-being goes far beyond food. The products you are inhaling, the creams you are using and the soap on your dishes are all contributing to your wellness so let’s explore that together.


Simple Swaps is all about getting clear on your priorities for your health and wellbeing as well as that of your families.

After you wellness consult you will have a range of opportunities and products available to you. Together we will work out an easy to follow process for implementing the desired changes simply so that you do not feel overwhelmed with the process.

During the Simple Swaps pillar, you will learn about how to use your products, the benefits of the products and so much more. I want to make sure that each person feels educated so that they can be empowered to make conscious and informed decisions on their health and home life.


Within my team, we have the most amazing support and customer group. My team is part of the wider group ‘Light & Lotus’ run by the very talented Jess Lourie who is quite possibly the possionate woman I have ever met for these products.

Within our teams you gain access to our interactive and focused customer group. There are nearly 1000 people in this group, all of who are using oils and other products on a daily basis and can offer so much valuable support and advice. You will be invited to join this group and you will be able to have any questions answered and any advice given. Our customer group is so supportive, I just love hanging out in there.


The Cleanse and Restore Programme is probably my most favourite detox. The main reason is that it isn’t based around food, starvation or cutting things out. The Cleanse and Restore Programme is all about adding in to your life extra supplements to support and enhance your bodys natural functions.

This programme isn’t trying to replace anything the body naturally does and you really can feel a difference in your overall energy levels, digestive health and vitality.

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you join the fun!






Mentor Support

facebook group

personal plan

secret giveaways

Total Value: £999.00


while the total value exceeds £999.00 you can join for only £24 (one off fee!)

You’ll love this if

You are ready to overhaul your toxic products

You’re ready to start making your own elixirs and potions

You’ve been eyeing up the oils are really wanna try them

You’re ready to take control of your wellness!

You are ready to try supplements that make you feel alive

You wanna reclaim your energy and vitality

You’re ready to try natural alternatives

You’re ready to change your life once and for all!


"Is this a pyramid scheme?"

No. Although doTERRA is a multilevel marketing company it does not engage as a pyramid scheme.

"Do you make money off the products that I buy?"

If you sign up and assign me as your Wellness Advocate then I make a small commission off anything you buy. However, I give away a ton of free consults, resources and gifts with the commissions money. I love to invest back into this community.

"Why does it cost money to join up?"

The truth is it actually doesn’t. You can buy doTERRA oils and products through their retail site at any point. What you sign up for is a wholesale membership. This means that you get 25% off all retail prices and are able to have your own Wellness Advocate. So extra bonus’s of competitions, giveaways, free resources, advice, support, community and so much more.

"What if i change my mind?"

That is fine to change your mind, you can cancel your account at any time.

"Do I have to buy something every month?"

No. Whilst there is an option to have a monthly wellness box order, you don’t have to sign up for this. You can order products as and when you need them.

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