Food rules (or diets) are something that I believe every person will have encountered at some point in their life. It may be that you know someone who has been on a diet or it may be that (like me) you’ve tried almost every diet that exists and still haven’t found one that is right for you.

For a long time I used to berate myself for all the times I’d fallen off the wagon, failed my diet or gone off plan. I would punish myself so badly and would just feel like the worst person. It sounds crazy but for a long time it really did feel like life or death for me. Until one day I had a revelation;

I wasn’t breaking the diet rules. I was following my own inner compass.

One of the main reasons the diet industry is so successful is because it relies on the message that we cannot trust ourselves to make decisions. It might not sound like much but convincing you that you can no longer be trusted to make wise and informed decisions about your food is what keeps the industry going (it also keeps you addicted to sugar so that you have constant cravings but I’ll go deeper into that another time).

This industry instils the belief that;

We must look to others to come up with the answer for us.
We must relinquish all intuitive and natural cravings in order to stay on track.
We must change in order to be accepted/loveable/worthy.
We cannot trust ourselves to make our own decisions.

If you’ve been on a diet and experienced the feeling of going off track, I want you to go back to that moment for a second. What made you go off track? What were you feeling? The two most common answers I get when I ask that question are; hunger and not feeling satisfied.

Hunger is your body’s natural response to needing fuel that sustains it. Not feeling satisfied is what happens when we feel restricted. Both perfectly normal reactions to dieting. Yet somehow in those moments we blame ourselves and declare that we have no willpower.

Well today I invite you to change that story. Instead of beating yourself up I want you to celebrate.

Celebrate the fact that you listened to your body, that you followed your inner guidance and that you put your needs above expectations.

Those rules that somebody else created for you to follow were never going to work for you. They were not your rules and they were not designed for your body. So go ahead and continue breaking them! It’ll be the best thing you can do for yourself, trust me!



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